Insurers say whiplash claims cost the industry £2b a year and add an average of £90 to the annual personal motor insurance bill.


Unfortunately the UK has become “the whiplash capital of Europe” with 1,500 claims a day being reported for the most minor accident.


There has been a 70% rise in motor insurance injury claims in the past six years with roughly 554,000 whiplash claims in 2010/2011.


The Prime Minister has recently held talks at Downing Street with insurance, consumer and business groups about ways to stop “trivial claims”.


Number 10 states that a promise has been made by insurers to pass any savings on to consumers in return for government action.


There are a number of measures that both Insurers and the Government are examining as options to tackle this growing problem and we will be keeping a close eye on the results for feed back to our clients.

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