Car insurance UKAs reported on the BBC website today, we see another new scam from people looking to take advantage of vulnerable people, while costing insurers hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

The gangs tend to target newer cars and vulnerable road users, such as older people and women with children in the car, flashing them at junctions to let them out, before causing a purposeful crash.

This tactic takes advantage of road users by creating the argument of who is at fault in the vehicle accident. Arguably, the person being let out of the road junctions does not have right of way and this is the crux of the scam.

The gangs attribute blame to the other driver, then put in false insurance claims for personal injuries, as well as fake car repair bills with which to claim against.

Financially this costs insurers £392m a year – that’s around an extra £50 to £100 on every person’s car insurance premium.

So, next time you are waiting at a junction and someone flashes you to pull out, perhaps think twice.


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