When you set up a new business, it soon becomes apparent that having the right commercial professionals on board can really benefit your company. Not just servicing your specific business needs, but also giving you the resources to widen your network.

Commercial Insurance Business MeetingA good accountant, bank manager, solicitor and commercial insurance broker will not only work to save you money through their services and help you efficiently manage your business; they could enable you to widen your business network.

This is never so apparent when it comes to local businesses. Although the Internet has transformed communications, there’s nothing like dealing with a company who you can visit locally – both clients and suppliers.

So, If you can build a good relationship with a trusted business partner, it could pay dividends in cost savings and introductions alike.

Reputation Building

This is where building a great reputation comes in, especially when it has the opportunity to develop into business referrals. No-one will want to refer you unless they have faith in what you do, after all, it could affect their reputation if it all turns sour. So, it essential that people have a safe and secure knowledge that you are worth referring.

As an insurance broker working with businesses in a range of industries, especially around our office locations of Basingstoke and Reading, Finch is no different. Our business has grown over the past 40 years, mainly from business referrals from customers and suppliers, so we make sure we do the same when we can.

Our team forge long lasting relationships with clients, specifically because they work hard to understand the clients business and they put in the effort to look for opportunities to share contacts.

Great for Small Local Business

Our company ethos is very much based around community and the business communities in Basingstoke and Reading play a big part. We often put local companies in touch with each other and various members of our team are very active locally when it comes to local business events.

Our new business team is especially proactive when it comes to their SME clients and startups, putting new clients in touch with other quality business professionals, as well as passing on relevant contacts when they feel there could be a connection.

We work alongside our customers not just as a service provider, but more as a business partner, taking an active interest in their business and helping them to grow when we can.

If you are a startup or small business in Berkshire / Hampshire, why not find out more about our small business insurance offering and get in touch.

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