How will this affect you?

Ministry of Justice ReformsAs you maybe aware on 31st July 2013, we have witnessed the biggest reforms to the civil compensation process this century.

Under the new rules, timescales for employer’s and public liability response and claims settlement will be fixed. These new measures are designed to curb legal costs in low valued personal injury claims up to £25,000.

The Government has launched a new protocol to govern the handling of such claims. The administration tool will be an electronic ‘portal’, which will control significant charges.

This will create an opportunity to potentially reduce total costs and process faster resolutions of claims. Companies will need to work closely with their brokers/insurers and claims service providers to comply with the new processes.

An electronic Claim Notification Form (CNF) has been introduced to notify a new formal claim to assist in this process, which must be acknowledged by you within only 1 working day on receipt.

You will then have 30 working days for Employer’s Liability Claims and 40 days for Public Liability Claims to make a decision on liability.

Therefore, availability of key evidence will be crucial.

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