car crash insurers - Finch CommercialSeeing the scenes of 130 vehicles involved in a series of crashes on the Sheppey crossing in Kent yesterday, our thoughts go out to all involved. Luckily, the domino effect of the crashes saw no fatalities but the aftermath of any car crash creates a stressful time for those involved, especially those with injuries.

As an insurance broker dedicated to personal service, our claims team often act as the front line for clients who are distressed and don’t know what to do or where to start with pursuing or reacting to an insurance claim.

Some claims can often become complex, especially with multiple parties involved, but with an effective claims management expert who can guide you through the claims process, disruption to your day-to-day activities can be minimised.

With the right insurance product in place in the first place you can also ensure that if you ever have the misfortune of being in such a situation, the insurance side of ‘what comes next’ is one less thing to worry about, with adequate cover for your immediate and ongoing needs.

The unfortunate situation we find ourselves in is that you do not appreciate the full extent of the cover you have (or need) until you are going through this the claims process.

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