Vehicle CamerasAs well as insuring private clients for motor insurance, many of our commercial policies also include vehicle cover for a range of requirements, including haulage, taxis and coaches and vehicle transporters and with the continued growth in the amount of traffic on UK roads, along with the more litigious culture we live in, it is essential that your policy covers you for all eventualities.

With many of our haulage and transporter clients working hard to manage their annual premium costs, we work hard to make sure their costs are managed, without compromising on cover. One area that is making a big difference is Smart Witness, a Vehicle Accident and Driving Style camera system.

And, as this recent example via Fleet News shows, the investment can make all the difference if you find yourself in a contentious road traffic incident.

The video shows the dramatic moment a lorry is caught on camera shunting a car side-on 100 metres along the M25 at 50mph. But the accident was caused by the hesitancy of the car driver who failed to join the motorway lane correctly.

The haulier in question may well have been looking at an expensive insurance claim, after the collision, until the Smart Witness conclusively proved the car driver was to blame.

Stewart Pease, our Automotive Insurance Specialist, said:

The Smart Witness technology available is making a big difference to many of our clients, helping them to reduce their premiums by up to 20%.”

If you manage a fleet, or work in haulage and would like more information about Smart Witness, why not contact us today?

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