cyber attack insuranceAlthough many large companies have rigid IT security infrastructures in place, many small businesses don’t necessarily understand the implications of letting staff use their networks, or the potential danger that comes with a more internet enabled workforce.

As a business, you may not be able to manage the online security of your workforce away from the office, but you can protect your business against cyber crime and hacking that could be devastating to your business if an attack were to happen.

The government has recently launched a campaign call “Cyber Streetwise”, which can help small businesses understand more about the security of their ‘connected’ business.

The website has advice to help design policies and procedures for staff, as well as information on IT security.

Findings from the government’s most recent National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker suggested many people did not take simple actions to protect themselves online and Gary Fairley, cyber and digital lead at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), suggests that this could have a significant impact on the companies they worked for:

There has been a shift in cyber criminals’ attention towards SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the last year or so and it’s important that businesses take the threat seriously.

“Getting the basics right is the most important step and will protect businesses against the majority of known threats.”

Like all aspects of your business, protection against potential cyber attacks should be a key focus to manage risk, as is ensuring you have an adequate and relevant insurance policy in place. If you need help, why not contact our team to discuss protection options from Cyber Crime.


Small firms told to be ‘cyber streetwise’ to avoid online attack – BBC

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