employee driving white paperWith tough new laws being introduced in the UK over the past couple of years, the government seems focused on clamping down when it comes to careless and dangerous driving. Penalties include larger fines, driving bans and even custodial prison sentences for the worst offenders.

If you are an organisation that has employees who drive as part of their job you must ensure that they drive safely and legally. You are also obliged to otherwise you could face potential risks of corporate manslaughter charges if they are involved in a fatal collision.

Like most Human Resources tasks within a business, it’s all about creating a culture and educating staff as to the dangers, the responsibilities and the possible outcomes.

The insurers Allianz, in partnership with legal firm DAC Beachcroft, have created a free 20 page whitepaper to help you understand more and covers:

  • the driving offences
  • the sentencing guidelines
  • the potential impact on companies when an employee is charged with a driving offence.

You can download the whitepaper here, and feel free to speak to one of our team if you have any questions about your fleet policy.

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