cyber attack insuranceTechnology has transformed the way we do business and most companies now rely heavily on IT and computer systems for efficiency, including mobile and cloud technologies.

But, the rapidly changing technology landscape has also opened the door to the constant threat of security breaches, such as viruses and hacking.

Already during 2014 we have seen the Heartbleed Bug and more recently the Gameover Zeus Virus, where the National Crime Agency urged people to “protect themselves against powerful malicious software (malware), which may be costing UK computer users millions of pounds”.

The problem with computer viruses and hacking is that very often by the time you’ve realised it’s happened it’s too late and this leaves many companies exposed, especially when it comes to the wider reaching ramifications.

Finch can provide you with an insurance solution for this risk, with a Cyber Liability Policy which will protect the financial loss to the business, as well as provide technical support to manage the attack, reinstate the data and minimise the loss.

Find out more about the challenges business face and how they can reduce exposure with regards to computer attacks.

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