According to Securelist, Britain is the most targeted country when it comes to spam emails, attracting 7.85% of all attacks globally and, although businesses may have various filters and firewalls in place, around 65% of emails are still malicious, which means that we are all potentially in the targets of spammers.

Just last week, we spotted a fraudulent email, claiming to be from our MD Vincent Gardner requesting a CHAPS payment.

email phishing

Although the email is seemingly sent from Finch Group, you can see the reply address is a Yahoo address and the text of the email is not well written and somewhat too direct in its approach.

We are sharing this information with you as we are keen you don’t fall victim to these increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and malicious emails. We also wanted to highlight the need to be vigilant.

Of course, Cyber insurance products are available, but prevention is always the best cure.

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