Evidence provided by a telematics device has resulted in a suspended prison sentence for a motorist who ploughed into a pedestrian walking home from a Christmas celebration on last year, reports anti-motor fraud unit APU.

The driver, Nicholas Regan, 24, of Bushy Mead, Basildon, admitted hitting Giuseppe Tocco, from Billericay, as well as perverting the course of justice after he failed to stop after the incident and later denied responsibility. Other charges included failing to report an accident.

He told police the courtesy car involved in the crash, which caused Tocco serious brain injuries, had been stolen and was not being driven by him at the time, heard Basildon Crown Court.

Regan kept up the pretence for 10 months even when strong evidence suggested he was guilty.

Despite Regan’s lies, the police turned to the investigations team at APU which was able to review the vehicle’s telematics system.

The data provided unequivocal evidence that he was the driver at the time of the accident. He finally pleaded guilty to the charges.

Together, APU and the police used the In-Car Cleverness telematics device installed in the vehicle to trace the exact movements and speed of the BMW Regan was driving before and after the incident.

Following the sentence, Mrs Tocco said: “We think the police did an amazing job – that’s the only reason it went to court, and otherwise he wouldn’t have pleaded guilty.”

Data from telematics systems and other highly effective covert technology is being used increasingly to fight motor fraud and combat dangerous or dishonest drivers.

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