waggy tails charityAt Finch Group, we pride ourselves on our community involvement, and support many local initiatives.

As a commercial organisation we realise our corporate responsibility to look outside the business and we also know we can help make a real difference to some great charities.

That’s why we have chosen to support Waggy Tails Rescue as our charity for the year for 2016-2017 and we will be organising events and fundraising throughout the year. You can also donate directly online.

Waggy Tails Rescue

The Charity was formed in 1994 by Shelagh Meredith after she answered an advertisement. A rescue centre in Wales was looking for homes for dogs, so she volunteered to help. Since then thousands of unwanted and abandoned dogs have been re-homed into new, loving family environments.

The Waggy Tails Rescue story is about happy dogs, happy people and happy homes. The charity always put the animal first and they have a no destruction policy.

No healthy animal is ever put to sleep, which means that as well as re-homing they also look after dogs in long-term foster homes. These tend to be dogs who are too ill or too old to be re-homed but the charity believe that these “oldies” have a right to a dignified and happy retirement. So, they need a constant supply of foster homes and sponsorship for the “oldies” whose vets bills can be quite high.

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