Once you’ve factored in tax, car insurance and petrol, owning a car isn’t cheap – and eye-watering city centre parking prices don’t help.

But what if we told you there are a host of money-saving ways to pinch the pennies on parking?

  1. Parkopedia

Tell this invaluable website, launched in 2007, where you’re going and when and it overlays a map with car parks and street parking, along with prices – so you can scout out the best options before you arrive.

  1. Driveway parking

A growing trend in urban areas, parkonmydrive.com pairs up driveway and garage owners with visitors needing a space. Owners set their own prices, but you’re likely to save a packet compared to airport, hospital and other high-traffic car parks.

  1. Free on-road parking

Going to a big venue? Avoid recommended car parks, and hiked prices, by examining if there is free street parking nearby. You may end up with an extra 5-minute walk, but that’s nothing compared to the hour it takes to exit the official car park.

  1. Residential zones

Nobody wants to find a yellow ticket on their car – or heaven forbid anger a local – but the fear of residential zones may be driving motorists to miss parking opportunities. Examine those blue and white signs closely – streets are often ‘permit-only’ between certain hours, offering plentiful parking the rest of the time.

  1. Get a season ticket

If you use the same car park regularly, find out whether it has a season ticket option. NCP car parks sell quarterly and annual tickets which could save you up to 70%, with Q-Park also offering a season ticket option. You could also book a space online before you travel for discounts and savings.

Every little helps, but if scrimping on car parks just isn’t saving you enough money, why not talk to our friendly brokers to see if they could find you a more competitive deal on your car insurance?

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