The promise of newly built property, with all mod-cons and lower maintenance commitments, is enough to seduce many property buyers to put down a healthy deposit – sometimes before a building has even been constructed.

But new builds aren’t flawless. Fast turnover and low budgets can sometimes mean cutting corners, while sometimes just plain shoddy workmanship is to blame for poor quality.

If you are considering purchasing a newly built home, commercial property or buy-to-let, watch out for these 7 common construction defects and help to avoid problems later down the line.

  1. Exterior leaks
    Roofing and exterior insulation are particularly prone to leaking, and unfortunately are the most expensive to fix. Find out about a warranty from the homebuilder
  2. Windows
    Faulty locks, windows which failure to open or drafts around badly fitted panes of glass can all cause security and safety problems
  3. Wooden floors
    If installed badly, trendy wooden floors can become warped or have gaps between planks, while undiscovered leaks can cause cupping
  4. Fireproofing
    Caulking around piping is designed to stop fires spreading, so make sure none is missing
  5. Bad ventilation
    Inadequate fans in bathrooms or kitchens can cause humidity, damp, mildew and mould
  6. Heating and cooling
    Owners of flats or offices with combined climate control often complain of poor heat and air conditioning. Look into the heating system before you buy.
  7. Substitutions
    Make sure you get the tiles, counter tops and carpets you expect, as providers are often allowed to make substitutions to finishes which they claim are the same value as the ones you saw in the showroom, but might not be.

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