Motor Fleet Insurance specialist Finch Group, can now link telematics to a 24/7 Claims Centre for immediate notification of an impact.

  • Revolutionary new telematics package – FITS
  • Helping drive down premiums for HGV operators looking to proactively manage insurance costs.
  • Our Claims Management Centre will be alerted straightaway to abnormal driving activities, enabling us to create the quickest first notification of loss in the UK market.
Fleet Insurance Telemetics Insurance

Unique transfer of data means HGV operators with this insurance package will experience a reduction in claims frequencies and costs.

Telematics and Your Motor Fleet

If your business runs a fleet of vehicles there is a good chance that Telematics already plays a large part in your fleet management processes.

Although not a legal requirement, the technology behind telematics is fast becoming key for businesses and insurance companies looking to manage risk and develop more reliable information about vehicle stock and driver behaviour.

What Is Vehicle Telematics?

Vehicle telematics is a combination of technology and data that gives you intelligence about the way a vehicle operates when being driven. Depending on the telematics system installed in your vehicle, you call collect data to include:

  • Current and historical position of the vehicle over time.
  • Average speeds and full consumption.
  • Driver behaviour and use of acceleration and breaking.
  • Real-time data that can be utilised for accident reports.
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The tracking data is sent remotely to a central system that analyses the relevant information and helps you look for efficiencies.

By understanding the movement of your vehicles you may be able to plan better routes and develop more efficient ways of maximising your drivers times. You can also keep a complete driving record of your drivers, which could help you develop a better set of driving standards across your business and pinpoint any potential issues.

Accident Management

A key advantage of Telematics is that you can dispel any difference in opinion about speed, breaking and positioning in the case of an accident. You will have conclusive data to rely upon in the case of a disagreement and potentially save any costly claims that may have been reliant on individual interpretations at the incident.

Cost Management

The added control of having telematics installed throughout your fleet should help you better control your insurance policy costs. By implementing proof and potentially mitigating responsibility against an accident, future policies will not affected by unnecessary claims against them.

Employee Management

With your drivers understanding that telematics is in place in the vehicle, they should drive in a much more efficient way, which may help reduce potential wear and tear costs and fuel consumption from erratic driving. For instance, you can determine wasted fuel through engine idling and over-revving.

Telematics will also offer you an extra level of information for any contentious staff disciplinary issues.

Safety and Compliance

With telematics, you will have a better understanding of the impact of driving styles of your team, which will help you design more effective driver training programmes and manage individuals who need development. This will improve safety of your team, help you meet your duty of care obligations and potentially reduce your overall costs to the business.

Many telematics systems also allow for Hours of Service legislation, with real-time data that makes it far easier for office-based fleet managers to ensure compliance in a much more effective way.

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