We offer a Comprehensive Motor Fleet & Risk Management service across all our five disciplines. All Types of vehicles are catered for including distressed or start-up fleets.

There is a legal, moral and financial obligation on businesses to manage their motor fleet effectively.

On Board Cameras

On-board cameras record the vehicle driver’s view of the road; the vehicle location, impact force of an accident and driving style (speed, acceleration, braking and steering).

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Insurance Placement
  • Conventional Arrangements
  • Non-Conventional Arrangements
  • Tailored Deductibles or Aggregates
  • Self-Insured Programmes
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The Driver
  • Company Handbook/Guidelines
  • Driver Selection
  • Driver Licence Inspection
  • Driver Risk Assessments
  • Medical/Health checks
  • Driver Training Programs
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Grey Fleet Monitoring
  • Roadworthiness
  • Insurance
  • Driver Licence Inspection
  • Suitable for Purpose
Accident Management
  • Collision Alert
  • First Response
  • Managing the Claim Process
  • Claims Preparation
  • Reduced TP Costs
  • Accident Investigation
  • Claims Analysis
  • Preventing Future Claims