If you or your workforce spend a lot of time on the road, your chances of having a traffic accident obviously increase. Unfortunately, this is reflected in your commercial insurance with premiums based on your risk profile.

But, you can reduce your risk and potentially your insurance premiums with an vehicle camera that can prove what really happens in the case of an incident.

We work with partners offering Vehicle Accident and Driving Style cameras that help reduce insurance claim costs, prevent fraud and prove your innocence by providing critical evidence of what really happened; before, during and after an incident/accident.

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The Vehicle Cameras

The vehicle camera records the vehicle driver’s view of the road; the vehicle location, impact force of an accident and driving style (speed, acceleration, braking and steering).

These systems also tend to integrate seamlessly with third party telematics and tracking units.


  • Records driver’s view via a 170° high quality lens that offers crystal clear images
  • Records braking/acceleration/collision G-forces
  • 3-Axis Sensor for accurate measurement
  • High gain U-Blox GPS sensor for accurate speed and location data
  • Approved for installation in commercial vehicles
  • Provides court admissible evidence

Who Uses Vehicle Cameras?

Vehicle camera systems are ideal for any company looking to monitor their vehicles – both driver behaviour and accident reporting. Whether you manage cars, motorbikes, taxis, vans or HGVs, the cameras can be an invaluable tool for managing your fleet costs.